Police are investigating after a woman overdosed while in custody at RNC Headquarters.

Police were called to a report of a possible impaired driver on Ropewalk Lane in St. John’s around 1 p.m. on Friday. They detained a 29-year-old woman from St. John’s for suspicion of impairment by drugs. The woman was taken RNC Headquarters so that a Drug Recognition Examination (DRE) could be completed.

The officer conducting the test observed a change in the woman’s condition. As a precaution, the officer immediately called for paramedics. Paramedics arrived and were on scene for 10-15 minutes before the woman’s condition charged drastically.

The woman was given Narcon/Naloxone by paramedics on board an ambulance before being taken to a local emergency room for further treatment and observation. The woman later left the hospital. It’s unknown what drugs the woman may have been using but investigators suspect the use of an opioid drug.

For a brief time, the RNC’s DRE/Breath Examination area at headquarters had to be quarantined so that officers could clean the area and ensure it was safe for further use. Additionally, a marked patrol car was also cleaned as a precaution. The officers involved were not injured in this incident and the investigation is ongoing.

The RNC is again issuing a very strong warning to the public that coming into contact with certain opioids such as fentanyl could be lethal.

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